Brand Leadership

There's a coveted place beyond brand preference. It's called brand leadership. You're there when your brand is perceived to be the only viable solution for the customer's need. Put another way, the customer does not pursue substitutes if the brand is not available. The brand has established a consideration set of one.

Something Special

At The Blake Project, we understand that elevating your brand requires overcoming 6 of 7 steps in the ladder of the mind. The consideration set continuum looks like this:

  • I would never choose to buy this brand
  • I've never heard of this brand
  • I've heard of this brand but don't know much about it
  • Not one of my preferred brands but I'd try it under certain circumstances
  • Not one of my preferred brands but from what I've heard about it recently I'd like to try it/try it again
  • This is one of my preferred brands
  • This is the only brand I would ever consider buying

Brand elevation is reserved for those brands that have been carefully designed to posses these characteristics: relevant differentiated benefits for their target customers, ability to build strong emotional connections, have a high degree of awareness, are perceived to deliver deep value for the price and are easily accessible.

These drivers work together to move customers from 1. being aware of your brand to 2. purchasing your brand to 3. preferring your brand to 4. being loyal to your brand to 5. insisting on your brand.