Case Study

American Association of Physician Leadership

After a National search, the American Association of Physician Leadership, (formerly the American College of Physician Executives) selected The Blake Project to lead an ambitious re-branding effort for the organization.

In the brand research phase we were asked to help them better understand those most important to their future. Through the lens of our BrandElevation Brand Equity Measurement System we helped them explore and define brand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and looked at key competitors in their market.

This was the most rigorous research in the organizations 40+ year history. The research uncovered key perceptions held by their target customers. We used this insight in the brand positioning, brand storytelling, brand naming, tagline development and customer touchpoint design steps. Today the American Association for Physician Leadership has a strategic approach to its marketing and a position aligned with its target customers as well as an identity that eliminates the confusion that existed with other organizations of the (ACPE) acronym.