Case Study


With $130M in sales Good2Grow is an emerging brand in the children's beverage category. Differentiated by true health properties and a toy-like container, good2grow needed deeper customer insights and a new strategic approach to accelerate brand growth.

The Blake Project was selected to give them clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of their brand.

We conducted a series of 12 expert-moderated depth insight groups, composed of consumers with young children in 4 U.S. markets, to assess the brand's current position and identify ways to grow the brand.

In the depth insight groups we explored:

–Concerns about children's diet and nutrition
–Shopping experiences
–Beverage usage
–Good2Grow purchase factors
–Good2Grow brand personality
–Purchase barriers
–Good2Grow multi-packs
–New product concepts
–Potential Good2Grow brand positioning strategies

In addition to these depth insight groups, we gained insight through a market segmentation study and a brand equity measurement study which we used to make recommendations for strengthening their market position. We also helped the brand leadership team think through the brand purpose and brand licensing strategy.