Case Study


Rogers is the world’s technology leader in innovative solutions for power electronics, advanced foams for cushioning and protective sealing, and high-frequency printed circuit materials.

Rogers Corporation has been facing significant challenges over the last several years with respect to the delivery of its Poron and XRD brands. Protective equipment to footwear, helmets to electronic cases, PORON® Materials are engineered for durable performance and offer a wide-range of design solutions including impact absorption, comfort, contouring and high rebound, energy return. XRD® Extreme Impact Protection is a breakthrough material technology that has been tested to absorb up to 90 percent of energy when impacted. XRD materials are ideal for use in a variety of sporting goods and other applications where protection, comfort and consistent performance are required.

Under the current environment, Rogers has been selling these two technologies to a variety of customers (B2B) as an “ingredient” in their consumer (end user) products. Without control of its application, the Poron and XRD brands are being used inappropriately thereby limiting the effectiveness and protectiveness of the technology.  This has been harmful to each brand’s equities.

Rogers turned to The Blake Project to employ an effective licensing strategy. We delivered a solution that not only gave them the control they needed to ensure the proper use of its technologies, but also opened up the market to greater awareness and demand for their products. Overall we helped them strengthen the brand’s equities and position.