Case Study

Varsity Brands

The Blake Project was selected by Herff Jones to create a new brand strategy for this newly merged 1.2 Billion dollar entity of Herff Jones (graduation gowns, class rings, yearbooks), Varsity (cheerleading uniforms and accessories) and BSN Sports (sports uniforms and equipment) brands.

We conducted stakeholder interviews, measured the equity of each of the three brands across all customer segments, created a new brand architecture, renamed the parent brand (Varsity Brands), repositioned it to be relevant, unique and compelling across all customer groups, created the brand storytelling and brand culture framework as well as customer touch point design to activate the brand promise at each point of customer contact. We also developed a high-level brand plan for them. 

The CEOs of all three companies were involved in the process, which was the first strategic process for the new leadership team after the mergers/acquisitions. Despite significant differences in cultures and CEO power plays, we achieved complete leadership team consensus on the new business and brand strategy.

The Blake Project's work was instrumental in accelerating brand growth and positioning Varsity Brands as a highly desired acquisition target for private equity.