Catherine Hedden

Catherine helps brands drive long-term sustainable growth by creating insightful brand strategies focused on delivering stakeholder value in the 4th industrial revolution. Leveraging a strong background in finance she uses data and intelligence to strengthen brand preference and execute brand-consistent experiences that result in long-term, sustainable growth.

She is keenly focused on impact and outcomes as a way for brands to deliver on their promise and fulfill their purpose. As the architect of global, purpose-driven integrated marketing and communications campaigns, she is gifted at seeing undiscovered intersection points that spark innovation; creating connections that break-down internal silos to delivery greater value to the organization and its customers; and leveraging emerging trends to spark relevant conversations with stakeholders.

Catherine’s passion is helping organizations infuse their brand purpose and values throughout the organization and across their external ecosystems as a way to acknowledge our shared “humanness” and imbue a sense of belonging, esteem and self-fulfillment. This can take the form of brand strategy, brand messaging, go-to-market strategies, integrated marketing and communications campaigns, brand experience architecture, internal communications, and workforce and ecosystem training.

With a mastery level coaching certification, Catherine is a gifted workshop facilitator, leading engaging and actionable brand strategy workshops for distinguished c-suite executives. As a former CPA she is adept at financial analysis and data informed decision making. And, as a graduate of the University of Hawaii, she loves Aloha Friday and boogie boarding.

She is inspired by making new connections and enthusiastically shares her knowledge on social media and as a contributor to Branding Strategy Insider.

Her work includes branding and launching a global technology transformation services and platforms market offering for a global consulatncy, leading marketing for one of four business units for Deloitte and being the primary architect of an integrated marketing and communications campaign focused on the rise of the social enterprise, with outstanding results. Catherine has crafted over 100 brand narratives for clients ranging from global B2B corporations to Silicon Valley start-ups. She has produced over 600 corporate videos and over 20 broadcast commercials.

Catherine intuitively understands what others need and builds vivid images of the positive impacts brands can have on our world. She is inspired by creating emotional connections that are the foundation for long-term relationships. She appreciates subtleties and respects differences. Working with Catherine leaves you feeling seen, inspired and capable.

Some interesting facts about Catherine:

  • She is an annoyingly perky morning person. 6am conference call? She’s in.
  • If she ever invites you over for dinner, accept! She is a talented home cook.
  • She was once the top salesperson in the US for a global Big 4 audit, assurance and consulting firm.
  • Catherine is the mother of four teenagers. Yep. 15, 16, 17 and 18. Her ability to move through this time is an indication of her grounded self-confidence (because they are all convinced she knows nothing.)
  • She loves the ocean and uses her weekends to rejuvenate on the white sand beaches near her home in Florida.