Jerome Conlon

Jerome is The Blake Project's Chief Brand Innovator. A world-renowned brand architect and executive, he has unleashed triple-digit growth and development of a number of major brands. He is former Director of Brand Planning and Marketing Insights for Nike, VP of Brand Planning, Consumer Insights and New Products for Starbucks Coffee Company, Senior VP of Marketing and Program Development for NBC Entertainment, and has been a professor of economics.           
Jerome has directed over $60 million dollars in strategic research for three prominent global brands. As an architect and strategist he has harnessed the power of invisible energy to expand the meaning, relevance and resonance of global businesses across multiple industries.
Jerome understands that the language of engagement covers a wide spectrum of intangible factors from the company founder’s passion and how that is articulated, to deep consumer drives, ideal brand experiences, nuanced relationship qualities, and social perceptions has proven transformational for the many brands he has touched. By analyzing the unspoken needs & emotions of people inside & outside of a company/brand it is possible to map the gap between the current state of a business and it’s potential. When brand strategy is aligned with deep hidden consumer drives Jerome has learned from experience that it can trigger enormous growth.
He is the author of Soulful Branding: Unlock The Hidden Energy in Your Company & Brand. A book that presents a deep paradigm shift in what the art of marketing & branding can become at the highest level.  
At The Blake Project, Jerome helps brands discover unseen brand truths that create new value. He also coauthors, one of the top 50 marketing resources on the Internet according to Advertising Age with 50,000+ marketers visiting daily.

Interesting facts about Jerome Conlon:

  • Jerome was born in Yorkshire, England of British parents and came to America at the age of three to Washington State where his parents settled to raise a family.
  • Jerome has traveled the countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America in addition to North America in developing Nike’s global marketing and brand planning capabilities and processes.
  • Jerome is the Great Nephew of Jeffrey Boycott, one of England’s most successful opening batsman in Cricket from 1962 – 1986.
  • Jerome enjoys skiiing, cycling, camping, hiking, basketball, tennis and Frisbee golf. He can wing a Frisbee in golf over 300 ft.
  • Jerome was once locked in the Four Seasons Hotel elevator in New York with Anthony Hopkins, who was in town to reprise his movie role of Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. As far as creepy feelings go, that was right up there.
  • Jerome is an avid reader, he collects books on a wide range of topics.
  • Jerome is also an avid surfer of trends, pop culture, entertainment, sports and global politics and financial news.
  • Jerome straddles the worlds of traditional education and systems thinking, which drives traditional management and business theory, with the worlds of art, depth psychology, history, philosophy and spirituality.
  • Jerome see’s contradictions in life as paradox and not fate. Paradox can be studied and meditated upon to generate new insight into virtuous solutions.
  • Many insights in Jerome’s business and brand development journey with Nike, Starbucks, NBC and other brands can be found in ‘Soulful Branding – Unlock the Hidden Energy in Your Company & Brand’, FutureLab Press, 2015.   

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