Mark Di Somma

Mark Di Somma is a partner and senior brand strategist at The Blake Project. For more than 20 years he has helped decision makers, brand owners and brand agencies define, articulate and elevate the value of their brands.

Mark brings a powerful and creative mix of left and right brain thinking to projects. His expertise lies in helping brands address and resolve complex business and marketing issues in order to become even more competitive. Drawing on his deep interest in business frameworks and his broad sectorial knowledge, Mark takes brand leaders and business and creative teams on searching journeys to arrive at new and optimistic decisions about their competitive future. Strategy is as much a creative process as a logical one, he says. It’s about making decisions that enable a brand to think its way out of trouble.

Mark was part of the brand strategy team that defined New Zealand’s national tourism branding. That competitive positioning formed the basis for the country’s highly successful 100% Pure global branding campaign  that has seen New Zealand ranked as one of the best 10 nation brands in the world by the Anholt GMI Brand Index. He was also a founding contributor to, and later editor of, a globally popular brand reference site where he worked alongside some of the world’s leading marketing thinkers. Today, as a thought leader in the discipline of brand strategy, he is a regular contributor to The Blake Project’s blog,

An energetic and experienced speaker, Mark sees keynotes and workshops as opportunities to break myths, pitch new ideas and thinking, find ways forward, and share exciting stories. His specialist topics include building a culture with purpose, the development of distinctive brand language and achieving truly competitive brand differentiation.

Interesting facts about Mark Di Somma

  • Mark has a post-graduate degree in History. He retains a deep interest in the Crusades, the ecclesiastical reforms of Henry VIII and the dynamics of propaganda.
  • Before getting involved in brand strategy, Mark was an advertising copywriter. Later, he ran his own direct marketing company.
  • His book commissions include the story of Neil Pryde, the world’s biggest and most successful windsurfing brand, a book about winners of the Victoria Cross and a philatelic, historical and cultural narrative of the nation of Malta.
  • He has written and musically directed a full-length rock opera, written a surreal radio play, co-created a musical comedy and worked as a composer and performer in a cabaret group.