Thomson Dawson

Thomson is a Senior Brand Strategist at The Blake Project. He brings over 30 years of diverse strategic and creative experience to the art and science of brand development. Throughout his career, Thomson has been an entrepreneur, designer, writer, creative director, master facilitator and brand consultant to global and emerging brands in diverse industries.

Thomson’s clients range from Fortune 100 and start-up companies to not-for-profit organizations. He has guided Energizer in positioning its next generation of products, focused Jockey on where it could succeed as a lifestyle brand and helped Hewlett-Packard build an advantage for its highly anticipated ingredient brand.

Earlier in his career he founded Dawson+Company Communications, a leading corporate communications company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A firm internationally recognized for its award winning work in brand strategy, corporate identity development, brand development, naming, corporate communications, marketing communications, branded environment design, and retail packaging.

Thomson is an avid writer, speaker and thought leader on branding, enterprise strategy, value creation and professional development.