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Norty Cohen

Brand Strategist

Norty Cohen – Brand Strategist

Founder and CEO, Moosylvania

Norty founded Moosylvania, an integrated brand building agency in 2003. He has been on the agency side for his entire career and is a former partner in Zipatoni, which was sold to IPG. He started as a creative and maintains that status today, preferring to work in an open environment with his fifty colleagues in a 100-year-old fully renovated church in St. Louis County, MO. When he purchased the building in 2006, he converted the adjacent school into a research facility, Hatch. He uses that facility to execute national studies. Over the last five years, he has published an annual Favorite Brands ranking report that has been featured in the New York Times, Ad Week, Forbes and other publications. The findings from the study are being released as a book, The Participation Game, from Idea Press in September, 2017.

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