Brand Architecture

This 3 to 5 hour workshop is designed to achieve key stakeholder consensus on brand architecture. It will provide a forum to discuss and make decisions on the following questions:

  • Is a new brand needed to increase relevance within the newer markets?
  • If so, what is the role of the new brand?
  • What other brands, sub-brands, endorsed brands and product names exist and how should they relate to one another?

The workshop will address branding levels, number of sub-brands, relationship of sub-brands to the parent brand, products and services grouped under each sub-brand and naming and tagline conventions for each sub-brand. We will create a system that is as simple as possible while accommodating all current and potential future products, services and customer segments. We will consider every application/usage for each brand/sub-brand to insure practicality of the architecture. We will bring a brand architecture recommendation to the workshop for the participants’ evaluation.