Brand Values Alignment

One of the most powerful things a brand can do is align its values with its customer’s values. Customers respect, admire and feel an emotional connection with brands whose values align with their own. Those customers become powerful brand advocates. Does this sound like the type of customers you are seeking?

We have created a brand values workshop that helps you to determine the values that are authentic for your brand but that also mirror the values of its customers. The workshop is preceded by customer research that identifies the values that are most important to your customers along with the values that are perceived to be appropriate for your brand and its product/service category.

In the workshop, we help you select the most powerful and authentic values for your brand to own. And then we help you articulate those values in a truly compelling way. And finally, we facilitate an ideation session in which you are able to generate many ways to demonstrate and reinforce those values at each point of customer contact.