Training Products

Cracking the Customer Code

Learn ways to gain deep insight into your customers’ values, needs, attitudes, motivations and behaviors. Includes proven and leading-edge marketing research techniques and online and offline approaches to soliciting customer feedback.

Developing the Brand Building Organization

Recent research shows that one of the key differentiating characteristics of organizations with leading brands is that the organization and its culture reinforce the brand promise. The intent of this workshop is to help you achieve this in your organization.

Do you have problems with any of the following in your 

  • Senior management is not focused on the brand. It is difficult to garner their support and resources over time. 
  • The organization is highly fragmented and resistant to change. 
  • People are focused on their functional silos. There is no cross-functional support of the brand. 
  • The organization’s culture does not reinforce the brand. 
  • The organization’s operations and systems do not support the brand. 
  • The brand message is only one of many among all of the corporate rate messages.

This practical, hands-on workshop starts with a checklist to help you assess how well you are doing at developing a brand building organization. The checklist covers activities from internal communication and training to senior management support and business process design. You then go over each area in de¬tail, learning specific techniques, brainstorming new ones and sharing successes and failures with one another. You will be given an opportunity to develop an action plan for your organization.

Measuring and Managing Brand Equity

Based upon our Customer BrandInsistence™ model, this seminar helps organizations learn how to measure, manage and build their brands’ equities.

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing Oriented Leaders 
  • Advertising agency professionals (account executives, partners, etc.) 
  • Marketing professionals (managers, directors, vice presidents, etc.) 
  • All professionals involved in brand building (CEO’s CFO’s, CMO’s, HR Directors, etc.)