Customer Touchpoint Design

Customer Touchpoint Design is a highly facilitated full-day ideation session, which is designed to generate a large number of ideas to reinforce the brand essence, promise and personality at the specified customer touch point(s). We will use a wide variety of ideation techniques in this session. This is followed by a two to four hour meeting with a smaller group of people to sift through and evaluate the ideas generated in the ideation session and to identify and build upon the most promising ones. We will work with you to develop criteria for selecting the ideas with the highest potential for the least cost and effort. Specifically, this step will include the following:

  • Identifying each major point of customer contact
  • Choosing the first point of contact on which to focus
  • Ideating new brand ‘proof points’ or experiences for that point of customer contact
  • Developing and applying appropriate criteria to this selection process
  • Identifying the most promising (ROI) set of customer touch point experiences generated in the ideation session
  • Selecting 2 to 4 of the most promising ideas
  • More fully developing those ideas

We will focus on creating brand promise proof points for any or all of the target audiences identified in the brand positioning workshop step.

Optionally, we can also focus on the following:

  • Ideating potential new points of customer contact
  • Identifying customer problem areas at each point of contact and ideating solutions to those problems