Mission Vision Values

An increasing number of organizations for whom we are facilitating brand positioning workshops are asking us to facilitate organization mission, vision and values workshops as well. It makes sense, especially for organizations for which the brand exists at the organizational level. For those organizations, crafting brand strategy is closely aligned with crafting organizational strategy.

It makes sense to craft organization mission, vision and values and brand essence, promise, personality and archetype in concert with one another. Here is an overview of each:

    Strategy Component     Definition     Form
    Mission The organization’s reason for existing  7 to 25 words
     Vision What the organization wants to become Forward looking, aspirational, inspirational  7 to 15 words
    Values What an organization believes in and how its people should behave 5 to 10 core values in word or phrases
    Brand Essence The “heart and soul” of the brand, its timeless quality Three words in the form   “Adjective adjective noun”
    Brand Promise The one or two things the brand promises its target audiences that is/are very important to those audiences and unique to the brand In the form, “Only [brand] delivers [one or two benefits] to [target audience]”
    Brand Personality Describing the brand as if it were a person  7 to 12 adjectives
    Brand Archetype The pattern or model that underlies the brand, especially regarding its motivations and behaviors Choosing the brand’s primary and secondary archetypes

The Blake Project facilitate’s organization mission, vision and values in one full-day workshop and brand essence, promise, personality and archetype in another full-day workshop. Both workshops are preceded by online surveys of target audiences and key stakeholders.

Organizations that carefully decide on and craft these components are much more likely to align employees in support of organization’s mission and vision and transform them into advocates for the brand. They are also much more likely to succeed in the marketplace.