Adam Kranitz

Adam Kranitz is a partner and digital brand strategist at The Blake Project. Adam’s passion for publishing using emerging digital platforms began early in life. His first “magazine”, created with Broderbund’s DOS-based The Print Shop desktop publishing software, was the light bulb moment—you are the newsroom. With each wave of innovation in media, Adam has guided brands large and small into the world of publishing.

Adam understands both technology and platforms come and go, but the power to spark conversation, connect customers around their shared interests, and build engaged audiences unbound from third-parties, are how brands create competitive differentiation. Drawing on his deep interest in graphic communications, business strategy, and integrated digital marketing, Adam takes brand leaders and corporate communications teams through the editorial journey from story ideation to social media promotion with deep insight into the strategy of audience development to the tactical nature of awareness and engagement.

In 2006, Adam helped to launch the now global thought leader in brand strategy and brand education, Later that year, he joined media industry leader Avid Technology, Inc. at a time when social media did not yet exist as a marketing practice area. Although Facebook had launched two years earlier, few corporations utilized these emerging consumer-centric digital platforms to create great customer experiences. As Avid’s first-ever Social Strategist and one of the earliest practitioners of social marketing in corporate communications, Adam created not just a pervasive presence for Avid, through daily digital publishing, but a culture of employees engaged globally.

With the development of an internal training program that guided Avid employees with the tools and knowledge to represent the company on digital platforms, customer engagement became comprehensive and is driving business exponentially. In 2013, anxious to aggregate customer content from around the world, Adam launched what came to be Avid’s most successful standalone web site— After 2 and ½ years as Editor-in-Chief, Adam grew Avid Blogs to be the de-facto reference site for “what’s new” at Avid with over 800 articles published from 80+ authors and rivaling the audience of some of the media industry’s largest trade publications. Today as a thought leader in the discipline of brand publishing and digital marketing, Adam is an independent marketing consultant and contributor to Branding Strategy Insider and set to launch a new marketing resource,

A passionate speaker able to translate strategy into action, Adam instructs marketing organizations on how to evolve from megaphone communications to real-time newsrooms. His topics include original content creation, social listening, customer service resolution, crisis communications, and product feedback loops as critical components in building brands that are relevant in today’s hyper-connected marketplace. These workshops are a guide for marketing leaders to build a culture and process around continuous customer engagement on digital platforms such as blogs, forums, and social media networks in order to build champions and create a brand experience online that promotes tangible differentiation.