Dr. Gerard Gibbons

Dr. Gerard Gibbons is a brand strategist, storyteller, consultant and eye doctor. For 30 years he has transformed brands, organizations and people through the emotional and persuasive power of storytelling. He has produced extensively for healthcare, behavioral health resilience, wellness and prevention, military health, combat medicine, eyecare, life science and advanced technology markets.

Gerard's core belief is that "People move people to change™" and nothing is more effective at doing that than the power of story. His life work has focused on media psychology, narrative communication, mobile health, strategic communications, brand storytelling, enterprise learning and digital marketing for web and mobile. He has helped influence and educate audiences through storytelling, neuroscience and digital cinematic technique.

Gerard created Emotive Storytelling The heart and science of persuasion™ which leverages the virtual power of the internet, accelerated learning and mobile technology. He created iSTORY™ Knowledge Platform, iSTORY learning model, and the Strategic Storytelling System™ for integrated story development and cloud-based delivery on the web and mobile devices. Before joining The Blake Project, he founded and led Visual Eyes Inc., a global leader in applying The Power of Storytelling™ for business.

He has helped global organizations and government agencies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Medtronic, Abbott, Intuitive Surgical, Groove/Microsoft, Oracle, InTouch Robotics, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, CibaVision, Nikon, NASA, General Dynamics, U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), U.S. Army Surgeon General, U.S. Army Medical Command, Department of Veteran Affairs, Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health & TBI, U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, National Science Foundation, Vision Council of America, Vistakon and Zeiss.

Today, Gerard’s expertise helps give brands the advantage they seek through brand strategy and differentiated brand messaging. Gerard has a B.A. degree in Communication Arts: Film and Television Production from Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, California, a B.S degree in Visual Science, and an O.D. / Doctor of Optometry degree from Pacific University in Oregon.